About Us

We are a full service estate planning and probate-estate settlement firm.  We do have a special interest in assisting farmers, ranchers, apiaries, nurseries, etc., with estate and business succession planning.  We also provide some additional services such as Special Needs Trusts.  We also help ensure that our client’s revocable trusts are fully funded.


How We Can Help You

We do not provide a one-size-fits-all approach to estate planning.  For one thing, they rarely work, and for another, when they do work, they usually do not accomplish the individual goals of their creator.  So, we work closely with our clients to truly understand their family dynamics and intended goals and design plans which will successfully meet their goals.

For the families of those who have not properly planned, and are facing probate, we provide a full probate service.

For those who have properly planned, we also provide estate settlement services.